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Virtue of the Month

Virtue of the Month - COURAGE

This month we are reflecting on the virtue of COURAGE.  COURAGE literally means to “take heart.”  Jesus tells his disciples in the Gospel to “take heart” and “fear not” (Matthew 14:25-27).  We all know that COURAGE is needed to face our fears, but what are our fears?  What fears do we need COURAGE to overcome?  Are we afraid of the future?  Are we afraid of things we have no control over?  Are we afraid of what others think of us?  Are we afraid that God will not provide for us and our families, even though he promises us that he will (Matthew 12:22-32)?  Are we afraid of loneliness, rejection, suffering, and death?

Be not afraid!  Jesus gives us the COURAGE to overcome all of these and more!  At our baptism, the Holy Spirit takes up residence in our hearts.  And Sacred Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit is not a spirit of “cowardice” (or fear) but a spirit of “power and love and self-control (2 Timothy 1:7)!  This means the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Power – wants to give us COURAGE to face the challenges and temptations that we face in life.   

Holy Spirit, strengthen us in the virtue of COURAGE! 

May the Lord bless you and your families!

Clint Goss

Coordinator of Religious Education