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St. Peter Grandparents' Club

St. Peter Grandparents' Club

Hello everyone!  We are very excited to start a new 2016-17 School year at St. Peters.  Our club meets every second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 a.m., in St. Marys Hall, the first Greet and Meet is scheduled for August 16, 2016.  Our purpose is to support St. Peters School including our fund raisers, spend time at school with our grandchildren that we are blessed to have. Our club gives us the opportunity to meet with other grandparents and have a great time.  We accomplish this through volunteering at the school, having our Bake Sales (3), participating in the Fair, and our big event-preparing for our St. Joseph Altar in March 2017.  We are in our 6th year of our St. Joseph Altar Auxiliary, which is chaired and organized by Angie Babin. For any interested persons please come join us at the monthly meetings starting December 12, 2016  for the preparation of St. Joseph Altar; with seven (5) five scheduled meetings. We have ten (10) Grandparents scheduled meetings.


We also plan to have speakers for most of our meetings and two (2) socials, which are; Christmas and our last year meeting of the year.  There are various committees to join and we hope to involve more of our members this year in any way you want to help out.  It is a lot of fun meeting with friends and making new ones.  As you will see, all of our time and proceeds go directly back into the school and benefit our precious grandchildren.


Attached is the registration form, which you can send in now or bring to the first meeting.  Once you are registered you will receive e-mails with all updates and reminders. 


We are looking forward to another wonderful year filled with fun.  See you on August 16, 2016 at 10:00 a.m., at St. Marys Hall.


List of Board Members as follows:


Vice-President                    Susan  Lopez (504 ) 982-3251

Recording Secretary           Kitty Combs  (985) 893-4589

                                         Joan Gagliano (985) 892-7827

Corresponding Secretary/Membership Carol Llull (985) 871-4360

Treasurer                            Jo Ann Nunez (985) 871-7285


Note: Words of thought by Samuel Butler:


Life is like music, it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule..


I hope to see all of you soon, With kindness regards,


Kris Ronquille, President