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Academic Policies

Academic Policies

St. Peter Catholic School is dedicated to excellence in education and to the spiritual development of youth within the framework of the Gospel and the tradition of the Catholic Church.  Our fundamental task is educating the whole person, integrating faith with learning in daily life. Recognizing the uniqueness and individuality of children, we guide them to discover and develop their God-given gifts.


Honor Classes

Our school offers placement in Honor Classes to the students in 6th and 7th grade in English/Language Arts.  The eligibility criteria for placement in the Honor classes are evaluated using the following student data:

Achievement Tests results (ACT Aspire and MAP):

  • ACT Aspire test scores and previous years' Terra Nova test scores are reviewed. 
  • M.A.P. (Measures of Academic Progress):  Students scoring in the top 5% of M.A.P. scores in Reading for their grade level are considered for Honors placement.

After Achievement Test Results are analyzed, the following student data is studied:

  1. Report Card grades -- A’s, 1 B is allowed if final average is an A
  2. Behavior /conduct in class and non-department -- A to B+
  3. Teacher Recommendation -- ability and student motivation

Students naturally progress from 5th and 6th grade Honors to 7th grade Honors (unless the Honors teacher, in consultation with the parents, feels that their placement is no longer beneficial or appropriate). 

Parents will receive a letter in the beginning of the summer if their incoming 6th grade student has qualified and would like to be considered for Honor’s placement.  Incoming 7th grade students who have qualified (Achievement Test Scores) and not previously been in Honors will also be notified by mail.


Special Education Program

At this time, we have two part time Special Education teachers (provided by St. Tammany Parish School Board), a full time teacher-interventionist, and a part time Special Education assistant to provide services to our students reviving special education minor adjustments.  

The program is designed to meet the specific needs of each student.  The students enrolled in the program have evaluations that meet Bulletin 1508 Criteria, state approved, and each child has a Service-Plan in effect.

Our program is designed to meet the specific needs of each student.  The Special Education teacher meets regularly with the teachers and parents to assure that any adjustments are being met.  Some of the adjustments made for our students are:  small group testing, re-teaching, extended time, directions reworded or re-explained, and copies of peer notes.  She also works with the children in small study groups teaching testing skills, reinforcing organizational skills, and teaching small group basic skills.


Student Evaluation

A report card is issued to each student at the end of each grading period.  These dates are on the school calendar.


Academic Progress

Academic progress can be viewed on Plus Portals daily.  During the fourth or fifth week of each grading quarter, the school calendar will have posted “Progress Reports.”  At that time, all of a particular student’s grades for that grading period will be posted.


Grading Scale   Grading Code for Academics                  

94-100              A          (Exceptionally High achievement)

86-93                B          (High achievement)

78-85                 C          (Average achievement)

70 -77                D          (Low achievement)

0-69                  F          (Failure to master material)

                           I            (Incomplete)


Homework Assignments

Homework gives the student opportunities to review, practice, and delve more deeply into the materials taught in class.  It is important that each student has a quiet, well-lighted place to study.  Parents can expect home assignments in various forms, such as:  Drill-oral or written, Study and memorization, reading, projects, written assignments, preparing oral/written reports,  correcting test papers/weekly papers, having papers signed.


Honor Roll

A Honor Roll:  Students who have achieved A’s in all subject areas, conduct grades of A in all areas, and do not have a NP (non-participation) grade in any auxiliary subject.

AB Honor Roll:  Students who have achieved grades of 86 (B) or higher, conduct grades of A or B in all areas, and do not have a NP (non-participation) grade in any auxiliary subject.


Parents/Student Questioning of Particular Grades

There is a period of 14 days following the date of the issuing of report cards that parents/students may request a conference with a teacher and the Dean of Academics to contest a grade given for a test, project, etc. in a particular subject.  After the two week period, the grades given to a particular student are considered final.  There is no exception to this policy.