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Safe Environment Training

Safe Environment Information FOR RENEWALS ONLY



 The Archdiocese of New Orleans is committed to the safety and well-being of all children that participate in Church-sponsored youth activities or attend Catholic schools. The Safe Environment policy of the Archdiocese requires a 2 or 3 step procedure be completed by all adults who have unsupervised, regular (on-going) contact with minors. Adults that are required to complete the Safe Environment program include (but are not limited to) clergy, administrators, teachers, teachers’ assistants, substitute teachers, coaches, youth ministers, youth ministry volunteers, and adult chaperones for field trips.


Step 1 and 2 of the Safe Environment procedure should be completed by all parents  and/or family members who are attending school functions.


Step 1. Registration on the Archdiocesan Database operated by Austin Computing


 Go to You will have to create a username and password in order to access the database and complete your information. When asked for the access code, type the word “safety.” Once you have completed all sections of the database registration (indicated by green check marks) and clicked “submit,” the school will then enter the final pieces of information onto the database (the date you completed step 2.


At this point, you will have successfully completed the necessary steps and would be able to supervise children on church/school grounds. Registration on the database does not need to be renewed.


 It is important that you save your username and password so that you can check your renewal date, if you are compliant, edit any personal information and check available training class dates.



Step 2. Attend a Safe Environment Training Course


These courses are offered throughout the Archdiocese at various times of the year, but St. Peter Parish traditionally offers the course during the months of July and August. We will contact you later in the summer when these dates have been made official so that you can plan on attending. This training course must be renewed every 3 years.


For upcoming training dates, click here:



Step 3 of the Safe Environment procedure ONLY needs to be completed by parents and/or family members who are chaperoning or supervising students during school activities.


  • Teachers will notify you if this step is needed.


Step 3. Complete the Archdiocesan Background Check


Once it is determined that this step is necessary, the school will process this step based on the permission given in step 1. This part of the procedure takes about 1 -2 weeks. Background checks are good for 3 years and then have to be renewed through the school office.   


If you have any questions that are related to Safe Environment, please contact Ms. Trina Fouchi, our school’s Safe Environment Coordinator, at or (985) 892-1831 ext. 202. She will be able to assist you when you have questions or need any help.